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Resistance in Ten Easy Steps

1) Read the news. 2) Civics lessons, civics lessons, civics lessons. 3) Know your elected officials. 4) Make your opinion known to people who set policy. Call. Email. 5) Unify with others. 6) Vote with your dollars. 7) Unplug. Take back the analog aspects of your life. 8) Show up. To vote, to speak, to show support, to volunteer. 9)… Read More >


An April Call to Action

After a winter of deep freezes the wilds of Oregon are bashful. The oaks in particular, seem wary of continued cold, refusing to show even the early signs of leafing out. I, in my eagerness, have already thrown open windows, scrubbed floors, knocked down cobwebs, trimmed brush, and cleared beds. But still it rains and the air clings to its… Read More >


One More Cup of Tea

There was a lot going on in the United States in 1961. It was the beginning of a cultural revolution and the space race. It was the year of Bay of Pigs. It was a time when politics and the news of the day were primary fixtures in the minds of average Americans and elected officials. Unless, it seems, you… Read More >




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