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Local Histories- Ping Yang School

In early 2017 the Mowhawk Valley Schools made the belated decision to change their mascot from a Native American caricature to…pretty much anything less offensive. Ironically, this is not the first time the tiny community has had to address institutionalized racism and their schools. In the late 1890’s the then timber boom-town of Mohawk, Oregon built a new grade school… Read More >


Barbara’s Books

Imagine. I have been thinking lately about the power of taking action, however small or simple. It’s part of the musings of the time, and like most people, many of my thoughts on the subject have been political or social in focus and scope. Life, however has been more elegant and instructive in this matter than I could ever be… Read More >



Cozy. For the last four weeks the temperate valley I call home has been plagued by snow and encased in ice. It has had a crippling effect on every aspect of life, seemingly freezing the entire population into its homes. There have been massive outages, runs on grocery stores and exploding trees. The children have been home from school for… Read More >



  • Our Voices Our Bodies open Mic 7th Mar 2017 7:00:pmRuby reads from new work at the Our Bodies Our Voices event at Tsunami Books https://www.facebook.com/events/638696119664188/
  • Benefit for Tsunami Books 4th Mar 2017 1:00:pmRuby joins a host of local writers at a day-long event to benefit Tsunami Books http://www.tsunamibooks.org/
  • Nonfiction Author Panel- Barnes and Noble, Eugene, Oregon 25th Feb 2017 2:00:pmJoin a panel of local nonfiction authors for an afternoon discussion of writing and process. https://www.facebook.com/events/1201186749966593/
  • CCC Conference, Portland, Oregon 15th Feb 2017Ruby presents at the third-annual CCC conference in Portland on February 15th. Ruby will be discussing regulatory governance of the...


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