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The Necessity of Totality

There is one question on the lips of everyone in Oregon these days, “What are you doing for the eclipse?” My answer, looking up, from exactly where I am. I am not jaded. I’m actually a true lover of rare natural occurrences and celestial events in particular. I have often been accused of being a space geek, having worked a… Read More >


Women to Know- Sadako Sasaki

Born in Hiroshima in 1944, Sadako Sasaki was exposed to wartime nuclear radiation at the age of two. By 1955, she had developed full-blown leukemia and was placed in hospital, given less than a year to live. From her hospital room, inspired by a Japanese legend about whoever folded a thousand paper cranes receiving a wish, she started folding paper… Read More >


Patriotism, Freedom of Inquiry, and the Texas Library System

In the Trumpian era, I think there is a good argument to be made for viewing the act of going to a library as one of healthy and patriotic subversion. Libraries are not just symbols of education, free speech, and truth, they are actual physical repositories of these things. They are the keepers of our public, and often private, histories,… Read More >




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