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Fish Recycling

Foster. For reasons unknown even to myself, I receive the US Fish and Wildlife Services fish count emails for places like Foster Dam, Oregon. While not much can be gleaned from the numbers themselves, (sometimes up, sometimes down, always too few to be encouraging) the reports reveal other aspects of the business of dams and fisheries that might go otherwise… Read More >

Home For You

History Lessons

Noti. I’m thinking a lot lately about homelands, the history of a place, and how they shape us. One of the ways this is manifesting in my life is in a deep and insatiable craving to understand the history of my immediate surroundings, the cities, towns, and tiny municipalities that demarcate my day to day existence. Where did these communities… Read More >

Ruby McConnell at Mt. Pisgah Summer Celebration

Mt. Pisgah

Memories. Last week I was invited to speak at the Annual Summer Celebration for our beautiful local interpretive wilderness area, Mt. Pisgah. It’s a chance for the staff and volunteers to eat a meal together, recognize the progress they have made throughout the year and formally thank people that have contributed to their community and mission. I think they thought… Read More >




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