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Local Histories- Junction City Fire

It takes a special kind of place to resist the urge towards self-preservation. In 1877, the newly-established town of Junction City, Oregon voted down a proposed tax to pay for the establishment of a local fire brigade and the purchase of a fire engine. Just months later, a fire started in the local general store and spread down the main… Read More >


The Hoary Bats of Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove, Oregon is one of those old mining and timber towns that time really has forgotten. Surrounded by mud-track trailer parks, it’s four-block downtown is dominated by century-old Oddfellows lodges and barber shops. The town pride is displayed in mural across brick- Buster Keaton gripping the front of a steam engine in the universally-panned 1926 silent film The General…. Read More >


City Parks

One of the ways that I think about the natural world and our daily lives is in the context of public outdoor spaces and wild lands. I wonder about the vitality of these places, if and how they are being used. So, on a rainy winter day I spread out a local map and begin ticking off the parks I’ve… Read More >




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