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“Who says women can’t camp? Geologist and Girl Gone Wild blogger Ruby McConnell gathers all kinds of useful outdoor advice—how to pack efficiently, tie knots, position tarps, build and light a fire—into a handy pocket guide to being a happy camper.”
—Wall Street Journal

“McConnell’s work is timely and significant, and daring.”
—Oregon Literary Arts

“Cheryl Strayed’s famous book Wild was almost a how-NOT-to-survive-wilderness book. Ruby McConnell aims to flip the script and give women useful information on striking out on their own.”

“Ruby McConnell is a force of nature. She’s fun, informative, and never preachy. Buy a copy of A Woman’s Guide to the Wild for all your girlfriends, get out to the backcountry, and get dirty.”
—Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City and Gone Feral

“From ‘glamping’ to peeing in the woods, this practical and sometimes humorous guide for novice outdoorswomen reveals the secret answers to questions that guys may never fully understand.”
—William L. Sullivan, author of Listening for Coyote

“A Woman’s Guide to the Wild sings loudly and proudly…as it provides women of varying degrees of outdoor experience with a practical handbook for wilderness adventuring.”
—Misadventures Magazine

Ruby receives a 2016 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship!

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