The New York Public Library’s Epic Digital Archives

In 2005 the New York Public Library launched one of the most extensive online library collections in the world. It is one of the most special online places I have ever visited and one of the few websites that I can lose entire days to. Part of what makes the collection special, aside from its open-access format- you don’t need a New York City Library System card to use the service, is the sheer breadth of the archive. While many libraries have online photo archives, the New York Public Library has added an original early manuscript archive, digital dance collection, curated public domain collections, and city-specific history among much more specialized content. It’s a tribute to the vitality of libraries, especially in the digital age and proof that far from being dinosaurs, these institutions can and will adapt and grow with technology and society.
Get lost in the New York Public Library today:
***It’s Library Week on Girl Gone Wild in celebration and solidarity with Jeff Geiger’s amazing cross-country, interactive road trip celebrating the release of his new YA book, Wildman. He’s on the road, trying to get his way to the Big Apple, powered entirely by an ancient Buick and the miles he racks up with donations to the American Library Association.
To Follow Jeff, buy a copy of Wildman, or donate to the American Library Association:

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