The Things They Made

One of the exciting things to emerge out of the current women’s movement is a general thirst for stories about and biographies of historical women- the ones that got us this far in the first place. In the last few weeks I’ve learned that women are responsible for the invention of wifi, the first indoor cook-stove, the chocolate-chip cookie, windshield wipers, and fire escapes. What’s amazing to me about this phenomenon is not so much the previous lack of media showcasing women influencers, but the breadth of work that was erased. The patriarchy has, over time, become so pervasive that we have forgotten the possibility that great advances in any field might have been made by women. But they were, and they continue to be. For the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing some of the women that have influenced me, some well-known, others not, and asking you who were the inspirational women in your field. Who are we missing? Who do we need to know about?
“We are tired of having a ‘sphere’ doled out to us, and of being told that anything outside that sphere is ‘unwomanly’. We want to be natural just for a change…we must be ourselves at all risks.”
Kate Sheppard- New Zealand Suffragette and Activist

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