For the last four weeks the temperate valley I call home has been plagued by snow and encased in ice. It has had a crippling effect on every aspect of life, seemingly freezing the entire population into its homes. There have been massive outages, runs on grocery stores and exploding trees. The children have been home from school for weeks. There, has, in general, been some griping and moaning. Worse than that, the entire valley seems to be slipping into a general malaise.
This, I believe, is due to a general lack of Hygge.
Hygge (HOO-gah) is the Danish term for all things cozy. More than that, it’s a pervasive aesthetic and way of life that reflects their cultural valuation of home life, comfort, warmth, and, well, cuddly.
My suggestion for surviving winter- embrace Hygge. Fill your life with fires, books, fuzzy blankets, candles, and cups of tea. Stay at home. Cook meals from scratch. Craft. Embrace the warmth of small things.