Local Histories- Noti, Oregon

I’m thinking a lot lately about homelands, the history of a place, and how they shape us. One of the ways this is manifesting in my life is in a deep and insatiable craving to understand the history of my immediate surroundings, the cities, towns, and tiny municipalities that demarcate my day to day existence. Where did these communities come from? How have they survived? What were the important events that shaped them?
Not everything I learn is inspiring. I give you, Noti, Oregon.
Noti is an unincorporated community of less than 700 in the foothills of the central coast range of Oregon. Its name, which most of us assume is another hard to pronounce Oregon place name derived from one of the local Native American tribes, is exactly the opposite. It’s a slur.
Back in the early 1900’s, a local man from then-called Portola, took off with his Native American guide’s horse instead of tying it up as requested. The joke goes that as the man rode away the guide yelled after him in indignation. “No tie! No Tie!”
The joke stuck. And they named the town after it. Noti. And it’s still called that today.