Mt. Pisgah

Last week I was invited to speak at the Annual Summer Celebration for our beautiful local interpretive wilderness area, Mt. Pisgah. It’s a chance for the staff and volunteers to eat a meal together, recognize the progress they have made throughout the year and formally thank people that have contributed to their community and mission. I think they thought I was going to talk about outdoor education and the importance of accessible wild lands. Which I did. A bit. Mostly what I found myself talking about though, was the ways in which our homeland wildernesses, those close, accessible, education-driven wild lands that we visit often, intersect with our lives. So what I did, was give these dedicated people three memories I have of the place they were celebrating stewarding, an early lesson, an essential skill, and a family memorial. Just memories. No lecture, no call to action, no ask. Just gratitude, on a midsummer’s eve.

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