Wait for It

All good things come to those that wait, and wait, and wait again, some more, maybe even for a longer time than you thought you might wait originally. I have been testing this for some time now. I have been testing this for so long, in fact, that I have developed entire philosophies, daily practices, and coping mechanisms around the skill of long-term waiting. I like to believe that I have gained some kind of wisdom from this practice, though all I really have to show for it is an overly developed sense those things in life over which I have entirely no control. From a somewhat Buddhist perspective then, I could say that in the long-term, waiting both exists, and does not exist, as there is no guarantee of receiving that which has not yet manifested, there is no other life or thing that may be, just the day I have in front of you right now, with the agency and choices I am gifted in this moment. Is it waiting? Is it pushing on? Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Keep standing in your pot little tomato.