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Introducing- Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life

In 2013 I began writing a series of essays based on the concept of the home-place. The first of those essays, At the Counting Window,  told the story of the Pacific Northwest salmon’s journey to sea and return to spawn as an allegory for my own life. The next took on the rains. The one after that contaminated soils and ground water, each one building a personal story around a part of the landscape until I came to see the ways in which my life, all of our lives, are knitted to the earth. That first essay placed third in the Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest that same year and the collection received an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship in 2016. Many of the essays have been published in various forms over the years, but now, they’re being released in a single volume, my heart song, Ground Truth.

Please join me at one or many of these events celebrating the release of Ground Truth and the beginning of a post-millennial environmental movement.

April 11- Atlas Obscura Special Event! Ruby presents "The Rip Rapping of Rockaway Beach" a discussion of the policies, politics, and attitudes that have shaped Oregonian's relationship to the shoreline and response to climate change. 

 "From 2005 to 2009 I worked as a consultant performing geologic hazard assessments on the Oregon coast as a part of a frantic push of development that challenged the out of date earthquake and tsunami codes and the integrity of the shoreline itself. These are stories from the front line as we worked to maintain purchase on the edge."


April 14- Ruby shares a nature journaling project in celebration of the release of her kids Nature Journal and Activity book on KATU Afternoon Live, 2pm PST

April 19- Earth Day Celebration and Ground Truth Book Launch Event hosted by Oregon Wild with Chandra Legue, author of Hiking Oregon’s Ancient Forests and Peter Brown Hoffmeister, author of The End of Boys and Let Them Be Eaten by Bears 4 pm PST

“The natural world offers beauty and resilience, and working to protect and restore it can give us hope and purpose in these grave times. Come together Cover of Ground Truth book(digitally!) with a community of other nature lovers and writing enthusiasts for a special Earth Day-related book launch event featuring three local environmental authors and a fantastic outdoor-inspired raffle.”


Or on Facebook Live:

 April 21- Ground Truth will be a featured release on A Mighty Blaze. Look for (and share) the official book trailer!

April 25- Atlas Obscura Wonder from Home Family-Friendly Nature Journaling Event 11 am PST

Writer and geologist Ruby McConnell cultivates naturalists by guiding parents and kids through nature journaling using her new book A Girl’s Guide to the Wild: My Nature Journal and Activity Book. With ample tips on making field observations, including sketching, writing prompts, nature logs, question lists, and projects, Ruby’s approach will engage even the most urban city kid with little or no outdoor access needed beyond a window. With great STEM learning content for parents struggling with homeschooling, these journaling exercises provide both interactive and self-directed activities. Also useful as a mindfulness and grounding practice for adults.

April 26- Ground Truth virtual book event and reading with Hidden Timber Books, 2 pm PST


May 20- Oregon Wild Family Nature Journaling Event 6 pm PST

Ground Truth book cover


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