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The Bear Myth

“Every time we set up in bear country, some guy would go on and on about how none of the women had better be menstruating because he did not want to have to save us from a bear. This would also typically be the same guy who would roast hot dogs on the fire all night, ensuring every meat-eating animal within a square mile knew where we were camped.

"Modern guides, while universally agreeing that the 'menstruation attracts bears' story is a myth, typically go on to perpetuate it, emphasizing odor control and discreet disposal. Why this is considered a bigger problem that any other bathroom waste you might be carrying, I have no idea. I think it says more about a pervasive lack of understanding and continued squeamishness of our male counterparts than anything else.” A Woman’s Guide to the Wild

A coyote and bear in a drawing


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